TRACE  VENTURES   represents   excellence   when  you   come   to  the  world  of  cctv   technology   and   quality   laptops   accessories    we  are      located at #1,   francis   oremeji   street   inside    computer    village    ikeja, Lagos    state    you   can  reach   on   this   hotlines :  08171687661,  09099912414 ,email: ,  website:   we  are    very renowned   in the world  of     electronics  security   system   installations, sales   and   training  of   clients   and   buyers of our   products  to   get   them   acquainted  with  the usage and   operations   of   all   our   products   and   services.  depending       on the variables that are factored in with    electronics security industry.   we are also   a household name in   laptops and


To be leader in electronics security   system ancillaries and laptops   accessories    industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.


To   provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our   esteemed customer.


To build long time relationship    with clients, customers and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation   and   advance technology.


we believe in treating our clients and customers with respect and faith we grow through creativity, invention and innovation.   we integrate   honesty, integrity and   business ethics into all   aspects of   our business functioning.


Regional   expansion in the field of security systems technology and develop a strong base of key customers. increase the assets and investment of the company to support the   development of services.  to build    good reputation in the   field of security system technology and laptop accessories and become a key player in   the industry.


Trace  ventures conducts  security  systems and laptops marketing as well as security system technology consulting. The company undertakes all maintenance duties  for customers, clients and organisations and conducts all the security surveillance   for the systems.


The organization expects to reach desired   profits in the first year and does not anticipate serious cash flow problems. we believe that the average    profitability per month for   the first 3 years will be sufficient.

Here   is a great need for certified or official bank checks in the future to deal with some security challenges of our time. in addition to the security of your personal, public properties, gadgets and institutions the company (trace ventures) has invested portions of its assets in purchase and sale of security such as stocks and bonds as well as  forex trading on global markets.

Our   marketing and sales team are   second to none, we ran best among fellow   competitors considering our chains of networks and contacts both locally and    internationally   we touch every nooks    and   cronies of this nation Nigeria and   all parts of   west Africa subregion, based on the decision of the company to diversify our technological   base

we are   technologically known   for our diligence and    accuracy    in marketing   and   installation    of   close circuit television (cctv), private automatic branch exchange (pabx), fire alarms, burglar/gsm alarm systems, access controls/time attendance, networking accessories   and personal security accessories.  our years of experience    speaks    volumes    of   us    especially   in the area of installations and marketing   skills.

trace ventures have come a long way in the area of close circuit television (cut) accessories, components    that are   relevant for   a perfect and certified installations, sales   and   services.

Our  service    after  sales    and   installations   stands   us   out  among  our  contemporaries ,  our  marketing  team  are   a   group  of  well-trained   young   energetic  staffs   that  are  ever   ready  to   deliver  to   your  door  step  any  item  or  goods  purchased  from   us  at  a  time  promised  without any  delay  and  can  also  offer   you  instant  technical  assistance   if  the  need  arises   in   the   course  of  marketing   and  supply  of   our   products  and  services. promptness is our watchword.

your   residential structures, hotels, banks, offices, hospitals, schools, churches, factories, eateries, shopping   malls, supermarkets, resturants, exhibition grounds   and   centres needs the presents of a cctv, pabx, fire/ gsm   alarms   system, access controls   and some personal   security gadgets   today.

put   a   phone   call   through   to   us today   and   experience   our expect   touch   on all your   hardware’s   and sleep with   your   two   eyes closed taking into   consideration   a well-deserved security gadgets   installations and laptops   that will not   drain   your pockets   or   deliver   a   heartache   in your   entire existence.